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Do we need new cell towers? And what about radiation? Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.


All topics at a glance

Innovation of the future

Autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, computer-controlled medical operations – 5G makes many things possible. Read on for articles about innovations whose development depends on the new mobile telecommunications standard.

5G and the economy

The main beneficiary of the new mobile telecommunications standard will be the German economy. Companies need...

5G mobile technology

The new mobile telecommunications standard makes real-time wireless communication possible. But how are data transmitted – for example from one...

Data protection and data security

Many citizens have concerns about the new 5G mobile telecommunications standard. Will anyone be able to...

5G and health

Like its predecessors, the new mobile telecommunications standard generates electromagnetic fields. Are...

5G and the environment

How can 5G run without environmental pollution? Conserving resources is certainly one factor. However, there are...

Mobile communications strategy and 5G network expansion

To enable Germany and Europe to benefit from the new mobile telecommunications standard, its development is being coordinated at an international level. It is also important to promote 5G measures through investment...