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Data protection and data security

Many citizens have concerns about the new 5G mobile telecommunications standard. Will anyone be able to listen in? Or intercept and read communications? What is the situation as regards data security? Or mobile security? The answers should prove reassuring.

5G and personal privacy: rules to protect your data

The security of our data is an important issue. Time and again, the debate is heated up by data leaks and hacker attacks. Citizens are wondering, quite rightly, how data protection, privacy and data security can possibly be guaranteed once their data is being moved around even more quickly thanks to the new 5G mobile telecommunications standard.

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Fast and secure: how data security functions in practice in the context of 5G

The new 5G standard will further interlink society and make data available almost in real time. Information will migrate to the “data cloud” – where it will be instantly retrievable from any location. Security is every bit as important as speed. This is why 5G brings with it plenty of measures and clearly defined standards designed in particular to ensure data security.

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