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5G and the environment

How can 5G run without environmental pollution? Conserving resources is certainly one factor. However, there are other aspects to consider when it comes to protecting people and nature. The following articles explain more about this issue.

What impact will 5G have on our environment?

How does radiation caused by mobile networks affect the environment, including animals, insects and plants? Observation guidelines have been available and research activities have been under way for many years now. Yet, this research is on a relatively small scale and is not comparable to the intensive research on the effect it has on human beings. Still, does the fifth generation of mobile communications bring with it an increase in environmental pollution?

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Resources and the environment: efficient networking makes 5G more environmentally friendly

To enable Germany to benefit from the new 5G mobile telecommunications standard, the 5G mobile network is being expanded across the country. Efficient operation of these transmission installations is vital to environmental conservation.

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