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Mobile communications strategy and 5G network expansion

To enable Germany and Europe to benefit from the new mobile telecommunications standard, its development is being coordinated at an international level. It is also important to promote 5G measures through investment and support the appropriate research initiatives. The following section contains details of how politicians, official bodies and operators are pressing ahead with the new technology.

Politicians, official bodies, network operators – all pulling together

The development of 5G is not simply haphazard. Politicians and authorities have defined the conditions and have subjected procedures to testing. Now, it’s up to the operators to build up the 5G network systematically. Read on for an overview of the auction of 5G frequencies to the status quo.

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The six research initiatives of the 5G innovation programme

From Hamburg to Eastern Bavaria, universities and companies are carrying out research into 5G. In respect of this, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure has announced a number of research initiatives. Experts are carrying out on-site tests concerning the practical usage of 5G – from home care to navigation inside buildings.

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Why the 5G innovation programme is so important

Introducing the new 5G mobile telecommunications standard quickly and efficiently – that’s the aim of the Federal Government’s innovation programme. Thanks to support from this programme, it is possible for innovative 5G applications to be tested directly on the ground under real conditions.

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Mobilising Europe: the EU’s 5G Action Plan

The new 5G generation of mobile communications is a key factor in maintaining Europe’s competitive edge. To enable the member states to introduce this technology in a coordinated fashion, the Action Plan consolidates all the measures required for the development process. 

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