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5G and health

Like its predecessors, the new mobile telecommunications standard generates electromagnetic fields. Are there any risks to health involved? This section contains information about scientific findings, key radiation protection institutions and current concerns and anxieties.

5G mobile communications: what does radiation mean – and what are electromagnetic fields?

We encounter many types of radiation, including solar radiation, X-rays and radiation caused by mobile networks. What is the difference between them? What are the physical processes involved? And what does radiation actually mean?

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Is 5G dangerous to us?

From cancer to infertility, many people are concerned that the new mobile telecommunications standard involves risks to health. This section contains information about the most widespread concerns – and shows that scientific findings to date offer reassurance.

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Don’t get too close? Being near cell towers is not dangerous!

For each new mobile telecommunication standard, existing cell towers are converted or new ones are built. Do such installations pose a risk to our health? Studies to date indicate that this is not the case. And there is a further exciting correlation: in certain situations, 5G might even be potentially capable of reducing radiation exposure.

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5G and health: findings to date

Is the new mobile telecommunications standard damaging to health? Since 2002 Germany has invested around 20 million euros in investigating the potential health consequences of electromagnetic fields. For this year and the next few years, the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and the Federal Office for Radiation Protection have extensive research projects planned – with a particular focus on the new 5G mobile telecommunications standard.

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BfS, WHO, etc.: institutions concerned with radiation protection

People have been researching the potential health risks of radiation for many years now. On both a national and an international level, a large number of institutions are addressing/dealing with this topic, and some have chosen to focus on mobile radiation and the new 5G technology. Here is an overview of the key players. 

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