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5G mobile technology

The new mobile telecommunications standard makes real-time wireless communication possible. But how are data transmitted – for example from one mobile phone to another? What are the benefits of 5G transmission masts? And what is the difference between 3G, 4G and 5G? Read this section for useful information about 5G technology.

How do 5G mobile communications work?

Remaining accessible in the car, making a video call while you’re on the move, sending photos while on the train – and doing it all wirelessly. Did you ever wonder how that works? Read on for an explanation of the fundamentals of mobile communications – and find out what’s so special about the new generation.

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3G, 4G, 5G – what’s the difference?

Everyday life without a smartphone? For many, this would be unthinkable. The new 5G mobile telecommunications standard opens up many possibilities. But what makes this new generation different from its predecessors?

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All you need to know about cell towers

Network operators are converting existing mobile communications sites – masts, for example – for 5G, as well as building new ones. Without this, citizens will be unable to avail themselves of this fast network. But what are transmission masts? What are mobile base stations and how do they work?

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Who decides where cell towers can be placed?

Throughout Germany, new sites for radio installations such as mobile phone masts are springing up, while existing sites are being upgraded. The aim is for the entire population to be able to benefit from fast 5G mobile communications. But before the start-up, there’s an extensive site certification procedure. Here’s how it works.

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Making 5G mobile communications possible

The new generation of mobile communications will speed up Internet surfing. But what preconditions need to be met to allow users to benefit from the 5G network? The following four elements are needed in order to bring Germany – from Flensburg to Garmisch-Partenkirchen – into a new age of mobile communications.

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