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Is 5G dangerous to us?

From cancer to infertility, many people are concerned that the new mobile telecommunications standard involves risks to health. This section contains information about the most widespread concerns – and shows that scientific findings to date offer reassurance.

Is there a link between mobile communications and cancer?

Can mobile communications cause cancer? It is not only detractors of modern technology who are exercised with this question. Scientists have been looking at it too – and the answers are reassuring. Here’s an overview of what we know and what issues are still being researched.

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Does radiation affect our physical well-being?

Some people worry about 5G damaging their health. Sleep disorders, tinnitus, headaches – some even believe they can sense electromagnetic fields and feel them affecting their body. But is this even possible? Read on for more about the most frequent complaints and answers to pressing questions.

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Do mobile communications damage cells and DNA?

Some people distrust mobile communications – they worry that the radiation might damage their health. 5G is heightening those concerns. Some detractors are even afraid that radiation caused by mobile networks is damaging their DNA. However, studies indicate that there is no reason for this fear of electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

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Does 5G weaken our immune system?

One of the best-known conspiracy theories associated with the coronavirus pandemic holds that the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been able to spread more quickly via the new 5G mobile telecommunications standard. Yet long before the crisis, researchers were investigating the effect of electromagnetic fields on the immune system – and there’s no reason to panic.

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