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Innovation of the future

Autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, computer-controlled medical operations – 5G makes many things possible. Read on for articles about innovations whose development depends on the new mobile telecommunications standard.

How 5G makes our everyday lives easier

Fast charging times, smart home solutions and autonomous driving: The new mobile communications standard will make life easier for consumers. Nine advantages at a glance.

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Finger on the pulse thanks to 5G

From remote diagnosis to smart ambulances, 5G is creating new possibilities. Upcoming technologies can improve healthcare – from specialist clinics to rural areas. Let’s take a look forward at a few examples of the potential health benefits of the new mobile technology.

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How 5G is moving us forward

There’s a lot more to 5G and mobility than just autonomous driving. The new mobile telecommunications standard is going to bring many different advances in passenger traffic and freight transport. Pilot projects are already giving us a glimpse of the forthcoming changes in railway, road and waterborne transport. One thing is clear: things are on the move.

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Networked production: welcome to the factory of tomorrow

People working with machines. Machines talking to each other. At times, a factory networked with 5G can be controlled from home, with entire production chains running in a coordinated sequence as if by themselves. Let’s take a look at the future with Industry 4.0.

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With 5G, AI is entering our everyday lives

With the new 5G technology, Industry 4.0 is moving up a gear. One prerequisite is modern machines with artificial intelligence (AI). Thanks to 5G, AI systems are in a position to react faster than human beings, even wirelessly – and in real time.

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Fertile ground for fresh opportunities in agriculture

Once Germany is equipped with the new 5G mobile telecommunications standard, employees in the field of agriculture will also reap the rewards of this technology. From smart fields to silent cowbells – things that were once barely imaginable have now become possible.

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