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5G and the economy

The main beneficiary of the new mobile telecommunications standard will be the German economy. Companies need 5G technology in order to use modern applications such as artificial intelligence or new traffic management systems. The following contains articles addressing the topic.

How 5G is helping German companies move forward

Ever faster, ever more global: for German companies, digitalisation and globalisation represent enormous challenges. A well-developed 5G network is becoming a competitive advantage. Please read on for an account of how innovations in mobile telecommunications are benefiting German companies and their employees.

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How is 5G going to affect individual sectors?

5G technology provides companies with massive opportunities to create better products, find new business models and save resources in their processes. From development to production and logistics to sales, potential applications can be found almost anywhere. Here is a closer look at the individual economic sectors.

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5G makes the working world turn faster

From flat hierarchies to the home office, there are five areas in which companies and employees benefit from digitalisation – and hence from the new mobile phone technology.

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Where Germany stands in terms of 5G network expansion

In the competition between industrialised nations, the availability and quality of the 5G network is a vital issue for Germany. But how far have our companies and infrastructure progressed? Let’s compare.

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